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Under Trump there shalt not be mental illnesses

2017-03-15 02:18:54

Trump is ready to replace Obamacare with Trumpcare. Among the other great, great things he plans to do is to get rid of mental health disorders once and for all. He also plans to forbid drug abuse. And while for other presidents this might be an utopia, or if either of them could be done, would take decades or centuries, Trump plans to do that by 2020.

And as after 2020 drug use and mental disorders won't be an issue any more, he will be rolling back a Obamacare bill which gave help to around 8 million people with mental health issues, and another 10.4 million that used to have substance abuse problems. The roll backs might start already within the next few months, if Republicans manage to push the new, great, great bill, through.

Besides getting rid of all mental health and drug abuse problems, Trump will also be giving a $600 billion tax cut to the 0.1 hard-working Americans who otherwise couldn't survive the life in this economy.

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