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Trump is ready to replace Obamacare with Trumpcare. Among the other great, great things he plans to do is to get rid of mental health disorders once and for all. He also plans to forbid drug abuse. And while for other presidents this might be an utopia, or if either of them could be done, would take decades or centuries, Trump plans to do that by 2020.

And as after 2020 drug use and mental disorders won't be an issue any more, he will be rolling back a Obamacare bill which gave help to around 8 million people wi... continue reading

Kellyanne Conway, the Trump whisperer, was attacked by a micro wave during her late night snack.

With the arise of fake news in the internet, Facebook has created a tool to combat the problem. The idea, and the realisation for the need for such a ...

Immigrant groups across Sweden, happy to see at least a slight reference to them in media, were happy.

George Lucas is thinking of using US military drones in the next Star Wars movie. The movie will not be a regular sequel to Star Wars, but it will rat...

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So I decided it might be a good spot to plug my other sites such as Superbious, tech blog, Coffee & Laptops nonsense blog and for weather flight ideas, among other sites.

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