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Facebook launches the Trump fact dispute tool

2017-03-06 04:37:04

With the arise of fake news in the internet, Facebook has created a tool to combat the problem. The idea, and the realisation for the need for such a tool, came during the US election when there was substantial amounts of misleading information about both candidates.

Facebook now launched a tool that helps flag fake news in your News feeds. Whenever you see an article shared in your news feed that you feel is fake news, you can click on the upper right hand corner of the post and click "It's a fake news story." After that the story will be checked by third-party fact checkers and if the user claim is substantiated, it will be flagged as fake news. And in addition to the flag, the stories also can't be promoted in Facebook.

While the tool is good for normal people, the person taking the biggest hit will be US president Trump, as most likely all news starting with "Trump: " will be flagged as being fake, due to the contents of the articles. Trump is still to reply to this, but we are awaiting for his reply saying that Facebook's fake news tool is fake.

The Daily Bonk, a totally fake news site, even though the first part of this article was true, supports Facebook's Trump fact dispute tool and hopes tomorrow there will be no articles about Trump visible any more.

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