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Paul Ryan confident he can get rid of health care

2017-03-03 01:59:15

While not all Republicans are sure they are able to fulfill their dream of healthcareless world, Paul Ryan, the current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives says his belief in its possibility is growing by the day and he's sure other Republicans will join him in his quest.

"I am perfectly confident that when it's all said and done, we are going to unify. Because we all - every Republican - ran on repealing and removing. And we are going to keep our promises."

He is sure he can get rid of of the Obama era Affordable Care and everything related, and turn United States into a country you can believe in, where the issues of health care are going to be kept at home, behind your four walls.

What ripping apart the health care system entirely will do to the country's well being is impossible to measure, but estimations, according to Ryan, show that it will have a double, or triple positive effect.

Firstly, by removing the health care system entirely, people will have more money in hand, money they won't have to spend on health care even when they get sick. And as they now have a lot more money, they will be able to pay more of other government taxes instead. Ryan said that one of the main new upcoming tax will be called the Life tax. And as he paraphrased Donald Trump, "It will be a very good tax, the best tax in the world," the best part of it will be that you will only need to pay it when you're alive. Once you're dead, and it will happen now sooner than ever, you're Life tax exempt.

Secondly, by getting rid of the health care system entirely, the country will have a lot less old people, which means less money will have to be spent on them. And this means there will be money that can be used to build a wall around the entire country.

Thirdly, once the wall from pension money has been built, it will show the people of America that Republicans under Trump administration are able to achieve anything you can think of. And the currently fading thought of the American Dream can be brought back to people's hearts and minds across the globe. By shutting down its borders literally, Trump's America will be in the best spot to revive the American Dream. Or as Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, when explaining the thoughts of Trump, said - "People dream of what is inaccessible for them and by closing our borders we make dreaming possible again." What Trump actually said, though, during yesterday's press conference, was "I make America good. It will be the best America ever. I dream."

We at The Daily Bonk wish all the best to Paul Ryan and the other muppets.

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