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House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said yesterday that he is open for some fine-tuning of the Republican healthcare bill in order to win back conservatives and everyone else, and to reduce the risk of alienating all sad and other poor people in the country.

However, upon closer inspection, he discovered that in order to keep everyone happy, there's one good, and one bad news. The good news is that in order to pass the Republican healthcare plan, not much has to be done, and creating Trumpcare can actually be simple and ... continue reading

Last week, on Saturday, Trump accused Obama of ordering surveillance at Trump Tower during the election, but has provided no evidence of it whatsoever...

While not all Republicans are sure they are able to fulfil their dream of healthcareless world, Paul Ryan, the current Speaker of the United States Ho...

While China's property prices are rising at record pace, within the past 20 years Chinese people have managed to increase the size of their country by...

Certainly Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi likes them young. He was said to have gone to a 18th birthday party of a girl he had known for a nu...

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