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Spicer: the president has absolutely no regrets about his lies

2017-03-08 04:53:44

Sean Spicer, press secretary and communications director for Trump, said this week that the president has "absolutely" no regrets about the claims about Obama's wiretapping. Independent of the fact that he can not produce ANY evidence of it. It's as if he had claimed Independence Day: Resurgence won the Oscar for best picture of the year. And it's the truth because he said so.

Last week, on Saturday, Trump accused Obama of ordering surveillance at Trump Tower during the election, but has provided no evidence of it whatsoever.

Spicer said during the daily news briefing that the media should let the Senate and House intelligence committees do their job and report back to the American people.

So basically, what he said was that whatever Trump says, is true, and should be investigated independent of how big waste of time it is. We expect the House intelligence committees soon to be looking into Trump's claims that Obama is a Reptilian, and that the crooked Hillary used to be a man in her past life. Reports about these things are expected to be announced soon.

When talking about Trump's wiretapping claims, Senator McCain said that "I think the president of the United States, if he has any information that would indicate that his predecessor wiretapped Trump Tower, then he should come forward with that information. The American people deserve it."

Following the statement Trump almost posted another tweet to twitter, saying that the American people don't even deserve decent healthcare, but Pence managed to take his laptop from him before he could press 'Send', according to our surveillance cameras inside the white house that were put in place by president Obama just before he left the building.

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