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Confessions of an unstable Editor-In-Chief: HELP!

2010-08-18 05:49:36

It's warm, it feels as if the sun is shining inside me, and there's a cool breeze blowing over my face, moving the curly hair in my nose. And then, fucking fuck, I just had to open my eyes and realise there's something seriously wrong. After a short investigation of my surroundings it hits me - I'm at the airport, not inside, but on the runway. And the cool breeze I felt was an airplane just taking off quite close to where I'm lying right now. The sun inside me? I guess the plane must have been leaking some warm oil as it hit my throat.

If it was a latin soap opera, I would have an amnesia from something. But the reality is ...well, just a bit more like reality...I remember I went out drinking last night. It was January. Now thinking about it, and basing my conclusion on the weather, it must be summer right now. And I seriously don't have any idea how it could have happened. I remember it was last night when I published the last articles in my magazine and ... okay, I'm starting to remember now ... I might have had a big fight with my writers again, they simply don't like me...well, what else is new...and they said that if I won't shut up right away, they will use their sources in Pakistan and send me to some secret prison. I thought they were joking, I kind of still think...or hope they were. But still...I seem to be missing some months from my memory. Or maybe I was abducted? William, one of my freelance journalists, who hates me the most, and whose main line of work is writing about abductions, has made claims he has some sources "over there" as well..well, whatever "over there" means.

I can almost move my middle finger again, the rest of my body is still unmovable, lying on the runway of...some airport. So excuse the typos, it's not that easy to write this post using my iPhone and my almost moving middle finger. I'm still dizzy from the drinking...okay, that would make sense if it really was yesterday. But considering everything, it can't be it. Some of you might say that typing some post to publish on my website...well, not mine, but the website of my employer, I wonder if she has missed me...hmm, ah yes, what I wanted to say is that you probably think that writing this post in my condition wouldn't be the first thing you'd do after waking up. In reality, that's not what I'm doing, I have just always had problems getting to the point quickly enough...sooo....


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