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Elvis was a man of mystery. According to thousands of sources he, in fact, is still alive. Allegedly living together with his two sons, Steve and Michael, on the small far away island of volcanic origin in the South Atlantic Ocean. The last days, however, have brought the entire family together. They were joined by their long lost friend, brother, son, Kim Jong Il. Kim Jong, who according to the birth certificate was born in 1941 into the home of Kim Il-sung. But based on recent revelations, in realit... continue reading

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The Daily Bonk is a satire news site, or a fake news source, or just a provider of alternative news, considering the latter is becoming more and more popular term these days thanks to that special someone.

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So I decided it might be a good spot to plug my other sites such as Superbious, tech blog, Coffee & Laptops nonsense blog and for weather flight ideas, among other sites.

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