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It used to be that when you went to a casino, you were only going for the gambling. However, todays casinos are often parts of larger entertainment complexes that also offer other activities. For instance, in addition to a casino you may find a spa, nightclub, live music, comedians or restaurants. This provides women with a lot of option when going on a girls night out.

To begin their evening many women will pamper themselves in the spa. This provides them with a chance to treat them as well as unwind. They ma... continue reading

When reality becomes insanity and insanity becomes fatality. A story about two drunken sailors, sexual morality, nationality and stupid, stupid morons...

The slogan that became a bit of catch-cry in the US and other places boldly stated that Toyota was "Moving Forward".

Actor, singer, and generally wasted newspaper space, Britney Spears, is doing 'circus themed' tour of Australia.
The tour began in Perth and it is al...

A really crazy story with no point and lots of nonsense.
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