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Tiger Woods to Wrestle with Cindy Lauper at the aftermatch of senile drunken critics symposium

2010-05-11 07:41:54

When reality becomes insanity and insanity becomes fatality. A story about two drunken sailors, sexual morality, nationality and stupid, stupid morons and the drunken critics symposium. This story is brought to you by Jay Gory, Yours Truly.

After the blood-boiling forced confessions of Tiger Woods and the surprisingly nuisance impression Cindy Lauper has managed to leave of herself at the yet-another-reality tv show The (celebrity) Apprentice, they two saw no option, but to redeem themselves at a national convention of the Tea Party.

The redemption process is about to begin on some day in June 2010 and the fruitful non-couple (according to the current information, then again, knowing Tiger...) is expected to present a wrestling act at the Tea Party convention. Not many details have been revealed as of yet, but there have ben rumors about mud, tequila, and wet t-shirts. Knowing Tiger, that will lead to sex, without a doubt, but it's still too early to say anything. It's all still yet to be determined.

Cindy being tired of being beaten up at The Apprentice all the time, accepted the invitation from Fox news star Megyn Kelly and hope to beat up Tiger Woods with her voice. Tiger has promised to bring his brassie.

With the potential to ruin their plans, a new 10-part reality series is being planned, still in production "Betting for Cindy and Tiger" where all viewers will be able to make bets on who will win and have the chance to win one million dollars. The show is said to bring you background stories, look at the lives of both of the stars, the actual mud fight, professional commentary, the politics behind the music and a lot more.

The show as well as the Tea Party convention are expected to take place in June 2010, more info soon!

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