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It's warm, it feels as if the sun is shining inside me, and there's a cool breeze blowing over my face, moving the curly hair in my nose. And then, fucking fuck, I just had to open my eyes and realise there's something seriously wrong. After a short investigation of my surroundings it hits me - I'm at the airport, not inside, but on the runway. And the cool breeze I felt was an airplane just taking off quite close to where I'm lying right now. The sun inside me? I guess the plane must have been leaking some warm oi... continue reading

Hollywood, kinky shit, May 11 2010. After the underperformance of Iron Man 2, which didn't manage to bring in $133.6 million during the weekend (which...

Has anyone had any green alien sex? William Shatner claims he hasn not, even though we have all seen him on Star Trek doing that thing. My buddy Georg...

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The Daily Bonk is a satire news site, or a fake news source, or just a provider of alternative news, considering the latter is becoming more and more popular term these days thanks to that special someone.

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So I decided it might be a good spot to plug my other sites such as Superbious, tech blog, Coffee & Laptops nonsense blog and for weather flight ideas, among other sites.

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