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Trump auditions, wants to get a part in Jackass 4

2017-08-22 02:10:59

During the last months Donald Trump has been auditioning to the Jackass team in hopes he would be accepted as a new member for their upcoming movie, Jackass 4. When asked about the possibility of a new movie, Knoxville said that "We are open to doing another." And Trump wants to be in it.

He has said and done anything and everything in hopes he will get noticed. He has even claimed that he is smart. But while his ridiculous statements and a few actions have been stupid, it hasn't really been Jackass material. So now, yesterday, he tried to do something different, something that would be more of a Jackass material. During the solar eclipse he decided to give it another try and did his best to go blind. However, according to sources, he failed.

Truth be told, Donald tried to go blind not once, but twice. And failed. Trevor Noah said in Daily Show that "Apparently, the president's aides were really worried about him so they told him not to look directly into the sun. And Donald Trump was like, 'Don't worry about me! That's my policy. Every day, don't look at the son. Don't talk to the son. And definitely don't celebrate the son's birthday. Nothing." (apparently, although it's not been confirmed yet, not looking at his son was one of his previous attempts to get Jackass's attention).

Trump's aids reportedly screamed at him "don't look," when he watched the sky from the White House's Truman balcony, but he knew what he needed to do. He needed to look at the sky. And while it was yet another failure, he has pledged to keep trying.

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