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When Vatican and gay orgies become synonymous

2017-07-06 01:54:03

This could be a fake story. And we love fake stories. We love writing them. We love reading them. The first time I read about the gay gangbang at the top priest's apartment in Vatican, I thought it must be fake. Now that the story is gaining some traction and more media outlets are talking about it, it seems it might not be a fake story after all. Who knows. But we're a fake publication anyway, so we actually don't care either way. Openly.

So what is it all about?

Allegedly Vatican police busted a drug-fueled gay orgy and where else than at the residence of a secretary to one of Pope Francis' key advisers Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio. The apartment belongs to the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which, by the way, is the congregation designated to tackling clerical sexual abuse.

The apartment was raided by the police in June after the neighbours had reported noticing frequent visitors and peculiar activities there. After the police entered the apartment, they were greeted by men having sex and getting high.

Allegedly the priest was arrested on drug charges and later sent to spiritual retreat.

The story first appeared on the Italian newspaper il Fatto Quotidiano. And if it's not true, blame them.

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