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Once there lived a manbaby called Donald

2017-08-17 03:29:51

Once upon a time a child was born. He was called Donald. When Donald was almost grown up already, his father gave him a mil. Or as the manbaby told the media years later, "My father gave me a very small loan in 1975, and I built it into a company that's worth many, many billions of dollars."

Truth be told, Donald has never really understood the difference between small and big numbers. Even once he accidentially became a president, he thought his inauguration crowd was big, while in reality it was pretty small compared to the inauguration crowds of past presidents. And that also reflects on his opinion on the "small loan" which actually wasn't that small. It wasn't even a mil, it was actually $14 million, as the 1985 casino-license document shows that Donald owed his father and father's businesses about $14 million. But that's not all.

Additionally his Father Fred together with Hyatt hotel chain jointly guaranteed a $70 million construction loan, committing themselves to complete the project should manbaby Donald be unable to finish it.

And even that's not all. He also got at least $1 million from a trust his father set up in 1976. And his father also gave him a $7.5 million loan, among other smaller loans.

When Donald's casinos were in trouble, his father bought $3.5 million gaming chips, chips he never used, just to help his son out. That was sort of illegal, but who cares.

So when manbaby Donald is now saying that he built everything with a small loan he got from his father, well, it really was a small loan. Or a dozen of them. If all of us could get dozens of millions worth of loans we didn't really have to repay, the life would be just terrible. And starting a business, making money off of it, would be rather impossible. Right? Right.

The manbaby has now evolved a bit, but only a bit. Instead of saying things are smaller than they actually are, he tends to say they are way bigger than they actually are. Be it his inauguration crowd, be it his hands, his current wealth, his knowledge, or his...well, you know.

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