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Britney Spears

Perfect Timing, perfect ideas

2010-01-15 08:44:07

From Britney Spears to Mickey Mouse.

Britney Spears

Actor, singer, and generally wasted newspaper space, Britney Spears, is doing 'circus themed' tour of Australia.
The tour began in Perth and it is alleged that a number of people walked out after they discovered that Spears was syncing (miming) her show.

This particular farce of a show will also travel to Melbourne and Sydney and NSW Consumer Affairs Minister Virginia Judge said that Sydney siders will not tolerate a 'Mickey Mouse performance' from Spears.

Oh dear. If Spears fails to turn up in Sydney, it might provide a perfect opportunity for other 'artists' though. I know I can do a perfectly good Joe Cocker on stage and I even bring my own instrument. So there you go.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton gets a billboard lawyer to fight a vacant lot.
The other waste of space, Paris Hilton, is threatening to sue a New Zealand billboard owner.

He put up a large billboard alongside a highway with a large picture of Paris Hilton on it with the word 'vacant' written across the picture.

Paris Hilton vacant? Such a thought would never even cross my mind, much.

Australian robber

Sorry mate, wrong window.
One aspiring Australian robber appeared to have decided to practice his craft in a more unique way.

He attempted to rob a Macdonald's outlet by diving through the drive-through window during his robbery attempt.

He did get away with some money and was also asked if he wanted fries with that.

Liverpool couple

Liverpool couple must limit noisy 'activities'
A Liverpool couple have been ordered by local authorities to tone down their noisy love-making sessions. The couple, who were initially ordered to turn down the volume of their love-making, went to a superior court on the basis that their human rights were being violated, subsequently losing their case. Poor souls, instead of one bonk, it will only be half a bonk. At least the tourist traffic coming through their street will now be dramatically reduced.

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