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Trump encouraged to keep tweeting

2017-06-07 04:30:04

In an effort to keep him out of doing any real damage to the country, Trump supporters and enemies alike encourage him to keep tweeting "and taking on the establishment" this way.

Trump's supporters still claim they are not fed up with Trump's Twitter feed and say they would welcome more and more stuff on his Twitter feed, all in the name of trying to take down the establishment.

The Daily Bonk's investigative department (INDEPT), however, has looked into it because it's logically simply not possible that someone is still not fed up with Trump's tweeting. And what our INDEPT found, was slightly different than expected, but then again, not so much.

INDEPT's findings

While investigating the no-fed-up-of-Trump-tweets claim, they found two main things. Firstly, Trump supporters are actually very fed up of his tweets. 34% of them are actually disgusted by the man now and would love him to transform into a Twitter and live in the forest together with his long lost relatives. The problem is, they are too proud to admit it openly. Independent of that they are very sick and worried of what Trump is doing and saying, and what the future might bring. So what they figured, was that it's safer to encourage him to keep tweeting more and more so that he would be distracted enough not to actually do anything too stupid. As one respondent said "Yarrrrr," an answer explaining everything in his mind about the issue.

The second thing INDEPT found was that when Trump's supporters hear the word establishment, it's like 'kurva' in Polish or 'mela' in Maltese, both of which might mean everything or nothing at all. In essence, they have no idea what the word establishment means. Some respondents said that it means 'the source of all evil' while some others mentioned that establishing new things is bad and Trump, being old and all that, is the best anti-establisher ever.

The encouragement of his supporters might be paying off, he seems to be putting more effort into it than ever. As his side-job, he could actually start giving lectures on how to use twitter. Lesson #1 - ALL Tweets MUST end with an exclamation mark.

  - The House should get this bill to my desk ASAP!

- Perhaps this will be the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism!

- Leaders pointed to Qatar - look!

- We are all pushing hard - must get it right!

- Today, I announced an Air Traffic Control Initiative to take American air travel into the future - finally!

- Our HEROES deserve the best!

- MSM is working hard to sell it!

- They are nothing but OBSTRUCTIONISTS!

- The courts are slow and political!

- That's because they used knives and a truck!


To be 100% truthful, and not making up out own facts, some of his tweets, probably around 10%, are missing an exclamation mark, but it seems that most of these times he simply ran out of characters.

Let's all stand together with Trump supporters, and encourage him to tweet as much as possible!

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