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US drones to be part of the next Star Wars movie, killcount 100k

2010-05-14 01:42:06

George Lucas is thinking of using US military drones in the next Star Wars movie. The movie will not be a regular sequel to Star Wars, but it will rather be called "Horror: Star Wars vs. US drones".

The announcement came right after US drone had successfully killed 14 Pakistani militants and without a doubt, couple of hundred civilians, to be added to the casualty count.

"The strikes have proved controversial, with hundreds of people, including civilians, being killed." says BBC. And that was what proved to guide George Lucas towards coming up with the movie idea. "Every movie needs controversy, and if US military can offer me that, I will use it."

While the current visible maximum body/kill count in Star Wars movies (except for implied deaths) has been 115, with the help of US drones George Lucas hopes to increase the visible body count 1000-fold. The movie is expected to last for 18 hours and as a spoiler, in the first scene the US drone is expected to nuke the entire Middle-East, just for testing purposes.

The movie is set to be released in May 2011.

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