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Chasing The American Dream

2013-01-15 08:38:23

The latest immigration news would be about the celebration of the 30th anniversary of migrant and seasonal agricultural act. This legislation ensured that people that come to this country for the purpose of working in the fields would be provided with access to the rights that many people have taken for granted as a result of being born in this country. However, it is important to understand that workers in the fields were not always provided with a wage that would be considered fair for the services that they were providing. In fact, they typically worked long hours and did not get paid at all. Other times, these workers would be given goods in exchange for the services they offered. These problems were addressed through the legislation that was intended to shirt the balance of inequality when it comes to workers and the services they were providing. Today, these workers are able to rely on the fact that they will be paid a fair amount for any services that they have to offer. Also, this wage would be determined prior to any work being started, this would also ensure that workers are compensated for any time that they invest into working in the field.

Also, workers must be paid in a reasonable period of time, this means that they do not have to deal with excessive periods of waiting that can often result in financial troubles. If any deductions are made, workers must be provided with an itemized list of earnings and any deductions that were taken from this amount. One of the things that have attracted so many people to this country would be the desire to make money and build a reasonable quality of life. However, this was previously only available to people that would be able to work in specific sectors of the economic. Also, this would depend on where you originally came from prior to starting the work that you would be performing for companies in the market. However, this has now become a thing of the past. Workers that come here in order to do labor in the fields of a seasonal basis do not have to worry about being cheated for the services they have to offer. The latest immigration news would be all about celebrating the reform and progress that has occurred over the last thirty years. These changes now make it possible for everyone to accomplish the American dream.

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