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bridal stores closed

The world is in ruins, the biggest attack to our way of life yet

2017-07-16 03:03:21

The last days different media outlets have been describing the devastation the world is seeing right now after the worst nightmare has become reality for a number of people. The world leaders are yet to take a stand.

People are struggling, crying, it seems nothing can be done to save the day. Infuriated people, lawyers, bankruptcies. Desperation is in the air, people looking for information with no luck already since July 5.

People closely involved with the incident are not ready to talk to reporters, so media haven't managed to get all the details yet.

There is some light in the end of the tunnel though, some people are now offering to help the ones in need after the close-apocalypse.

So what happened exactly?

Alfred Angelo bridal stores closed.

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